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Discover the freedom of Snap-On-Overdentures

Are you tired of dealing with loose or uncomfortable dentures? At Sethi Virdi DDS, we understand the challenges that traditional dentures can pose. That’s why we offer a modern solution: Snap-On-Overdentures.

What are Snap-On-Overdentures?

Snap-On-Overdentures are a removable dental appliance designed to provide exceptional stability and comfort. They are an excellent choice for individuals who have lost some or all of their teeth and are seeking an alternative to conventional dentures.

These overdentures are securely anchored in place using dental implants, ensuring they won’t slip, shift, or cause discomfort. Sethi Virdi DDs specializes in the placement of these implants and will work with you to customize your overdentures for a natural look and a confident smile.

Benefits of Snap-On-Overdentures:

Enhanced stability: Unlike traditional dentures,
Snap-On-Overdentures remain firmly in place while you


eat, speak, and laugh. No more worrying about embarrassing slips.

Improved comfort: Say goodbye to sore spots and gum irritation. Snap-On-Overdentures are designed for optimal comfort and fit.

Better chewing power: Enjoy a wider range of food options with the increased chewing power provided by overdentures.

Confidence boost: With overdentures, you can regain your confidence, speaking and smiling with ease.

Easy maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining overdentures is a breeze. Simply snap them on and off for cleaning.

Why choose Sethi Virdi DDS?

Sethi Virdi DDS is a highly skilled dentist with a passion for improving patients' oral health and quality of life.
Sethi Virdi DDS has extensive experience in implant dentistry and overdentures. You can trust them to provide the personalized care and attention you deserve.

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Don't let loose dentures hold you back any longer. Experience the benefits of Snap-On-Overdentures under the expert care of Sethi Virdi DDS, in Milpitas.

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Rediscover the joy of eating, speaking, and smiling with Snap-On-Overdentures. Your path to a brighter, more comfortable smile begins here!

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